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anngish's Journal

Annabeth Gish Community
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This community dedicated to the most beautiful and talented actress Annabeth Gish, who played Monica Reyes in "The X-Files". You may post here any things about Annabeth: news, photos, collages, icons, videos, or any other goodies or information.
1. Please respect other members and copyright. If you post news or photos, please link back to the source. And the most important thing: please, respect Annabeth (and her family). You may post photos of her boys or life here, but you can't post gossips, rumours or any other negative information.

2. No community promotions here, unless they are Annabeth related. Please put somewhere in the post that the community is Annabeth related if it's not obvious in the name or graphic. Otherwise, I'll see it and just delete it without thinking. Posts promoting a non-Annabeth-related community will be deleted post-haste.

3. Please use an LJ-cut on big pictures, and posts containing more than one picture, unless all the pictures are small. And even then, if there are a lot, please use an LJ-cut and some common sense.

4. Please do not disable comments on your entries. You will get warnings for the first three offenses, but posting privileges will be revoked if you do it after that.

5. Always tag your posts.

6. Do not muddle Annabeth with her famous character Monica Reyes. If you would like to share information about Monica, you may post it in my DRR community (drippers) or any other The X-Files community.
Please feel free to use one of our banners to promote or link back to the community. Hotlink it's shit. Upload them on your server before use. Thank you :)

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